Adults and Children

Psychological Evaluations can assist in proper diagnosis, test for Autism/Asperger’s/ADHD, rule out a learning disability or cognitive processing issue, supplement school testing and IEP’s as well as identify other undetected mental health issues.

Evaluations are conducted in a comfortable setting in our office, in-school or in-home.  Evaluations typically take 1-3 hours depending on the age of the client. After testing, a written evaluation will be completed within 1-2 weeks in most cases.

Applied Therapies will release evaluations to appropriate referral sources at your request.  Parents are also welcome to schedule a follow-up with the psychologist.

Parenting Capacity Assessments and Bonding Assessments for custody cases are also available in-office or in-home.  Scheduling is quick and flexible, and we WILL testify in court.

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